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Janice Power  
Office Manager
Janice Power has operated our company for many years. Full of all the answers you need to make the right decisions in regards to your home TV requirements. No one is more experienced in the digital home than Janice. She is well qualified to help you save money in TV, Internet and telephone.
Billy Power
Custom Installations/ Service
The founder and namesake of our company. Billy has formulated many new and exciting advances in satellite technology since 1983. One of the first to offer a C band satellite system for under $2000. and the first to complete 1 day installations when they previously took up to over 2 days. Fabricated a unique pole design that facillitated small yards. Assisted in the design and features of many of todays digital satellite receivers.
About Power Satellite Services
Since 1983 we have brought service to over 30,000 homes in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, The Bahama's, and Mexico. We are a service connected disabled veteran-owned business. Power Satellite has done countless contracts for the military in Virginia and North Carolina. We have designed and built numerous privately owned cable systems. In the days after 9-11 we were instrumental in getting our government and NATO access to foreign language news networks in the middle east. 
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